You have been looking for hours and hours in stores and online to find the rug for your room with no success? Perhaps you actually found it but the price was crazy? Don’t worry, we get it!

A rug can determine and tie up an entire space’s looks, so we are aware of the importance of finding the right one for your home. Here you can find some tips to stop scrolling endlessly and find the perfect item to make your space look beautiful.

1.Think about the room

It is key to think about the rug as one more element in the space you want to decor. If you choose your rug based only on how it looks, instead of looking at the big picture and how the rug will play out with the other elements in the room, you can end up buying something it won’t match with the space and hate it.

2.Consider size and shapes

The rug you buy should fit the spaces you’re decorating or improving. A rug too small can diminish the room, while a rug that is too big, could end up overwhelming the spaces and shadowing other elements you may want to highlight.

A great place to start is to measure your room and reduce the dimensions by 1 or 2 feet to get a close idea of the right size for your rugs. Using painter’s tape to outline the rug dimensions in the location you want it and measure that perimeter, can also give you an idea of an appropriate rug size for that room.

3.Style and materials

There are many materials and styles available in the market, so dive in, research, and find out which type of rug fits better with your vision.

Some materials: natural fibers, synthetic fibers, Artificial silk.

Some styles: bohemian, traditional, contemporary, natural.

4.Set a budget

It is important that you do a little research on the style of rug you are looking for and then set

a target price. Some rugs can be more expensive than others, so just try to find the spot in

the middle and be clear on how much you are willing to spend on this item.


Think about the purpose of this rug, would it be in a high traffic area? or a rest room? This could have an impact on the kind of rug you need for a determined space. For areas such as the kitchen, you may want to consider a rug with a low pile, while for bedrooms or living rooms you may want to buy a high-pile rug.

Before purchasing a rug, make sure to consider all of these aspects and remember that it could take a while, but your perfect rug is out there!